Customer and Partner Outcomes

"Transformation Toolbox® is our goto service when we need to integrate new partners and automate our supply chain. Efficient, agile and fully managed, it's a phenomenal value proposition."

- Greg Hoffman, VP, Sales Operations - Technologent, Inc.

Our customers rely on us to help automate their supply chains and integrate partners with the least amount of friction. While some rely on some contribution from their IT resource, others just don't even bother. We take care of it all efficiently and with the utmost care and confidentiality.

"Integrations create a substantial Data Lake. This lends itself so elegantly to providing not only management portals but customer and partner share portals as well. This approach makes Transformation Toolbox® a very complelling offering."

- CRN Fast Growth 150 Distributor Client

Our customers know that for their IT investments need to move away from infrastructure sunk costs to enablers of corporate agility. We drive home this point when we use the same integration middleware platform to enable secure portals.

"We had a $100MM distribution deal pending. The entrenched player did not provide EDI to customer. With Transformation Toolbox® Software EDI support and a lighting quick implementation, we were able to quickly and painlessly overcome that objection. Now we are operating our largest deal ever! This is real value and real savings."

- $5 Billion Global IT Value Added Reseller Client.

Lack of EDI infrastructure or internal IT rigidity does not need to stop you when competing for demanding customers with large deals. Transformation Toolbox® handles those pain points and puts you on par with the your top competitors with minimal investment.


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