EDI To NetSuite for Westcon Group Partners
Fully managed EDI integration with Westcon. No Software to maintain, No Technical resources to manage, No VAN subscriptions and No waiting.

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Turbo Charge your Westcon Group Global Distribution Relationship
We will provide the Integration Hub and Integration Team Subscription for managing lifecycle. Our dedicated team will retain institutional memory, extend and customize so you can grow your business with Avnet.

Functional Benefits

 Your Orders and Drop Ship transactions with Westcon Comstor automated with EDI .
 Subscribe to EDI Price files for accurate Quoting and Solutioning.
 Purchase Order status updates.
 Advance Shipping Notices.
 Carrier and Tracking Updates with real-time status.
 Supports over 150 largest freight carriers for status tracking.
 Invoice transmissions to automate receiving and financials.
 Handle high order volume with real-time updates.
 API based Native and Custom Object updates in Salesforce, NetSuite SaaS.
 Automatic error detection and reporting for SaaS Order Tracking.
 No more discrepancies tracking product data such as Serial Numbers.
 Automate Vendor Bills, AP Vouchers and Receiving.
 Downstream Financial Integration into any ERP System.

Staring At
$ 1500 MRC with 1-yr Contract
(Includes Your Dev Team Subscription)

Current Pipeline
3 Weeks

Typical Implementation
2 Weeks

Avnet VAR Authorization

North America Only


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