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The Asset General® Integration Hub is your private instance of our platform that is branded, deployed, managed and customized for you. Built on open source platforms and cloud infrastructure it is scalable and infinitely extensible. It allows any-to-any integration between two or more of your software infrastructure systems either deployed on premise or on the cloud. As an example, some of our clients utilize it to integrate their Cloud CRM and on-Premise ERP while others their cloud ERP with integrate their partner EDI feeds just to name two of many use cases. They use the platform to solve data management problems, for cleansing and scrubbing and live updating of business objects such as Purchase Orders between various systems and parties, all in one platform. As an added bonus, the integration hub is available as a branded portal allowing you to extend access to your internal views to internal roles and external views to external parties all with a user manageable role and privilege based secure access control system. You can control which views and which fields are seen by each role. We call all of this value added integration where the integration software also performs a valuable visibility and access function on your behalf, presenting you in the best light to your customers and partners and reducing churn.

We Manage Everything

Asset General is a zero IT overhead product to manage and own. As part of the subscription to the Integration Hub and your branded portal, we dedicate a 100% offshore development team that is trained on not only our platform but also your system. They manage the system; its uptime, upgrades and cloud infrastructure through our partnership with Amazon Web Services. More importantly, they manage the customization and future integration of any systems and cloud software. As a valuable customer that maintains a Master Service Agreement (MSA) with us, we cost such integration projects fully transparently at a 20% to 40% discount, depending on the length of your MSA with us. These discounts are passed on to you directly while the dedicated team's versatility with your system increases with each integration, making change happen at the speed of business decisions.

Long Term Strategic Partner

Our approach has enabled our customers to create unprecedented business value, painlessly supporting multi-year M&A cycles, hyper-growth, strategic and tactical realignments, handle technology cycles and business objective reprioritizations. All this with zero software management and no attrition costs with a trusted partner and trained resources on tap to turbo-charge your every business move.


At the core of Asset General is MetroFeed - our Data Scrubbing, Matching and ID Management Technology that enables an unlimited variety of data sources to be rationalized into unifying Business Objects. Our custom processing then applies various transformations and processing logic designed to accomplish your integration objectives.

The Secret to Our Agility

Modern integrations require a middleware. This is even more important when you consider cloud integrations. You need a venue where the integrations run and you need a venue where status of your integrations can be monitored and actions can be taken to address issues that arise in today's loosely coupled advanced integrations. The Asset General Integration Hub is our middleware platform where your specific integrations run and can be monitored by our dedicated service team and your administrators. Now, because our integration hub is dedicated to you, we can easily and quickly build custom extensions to your integrations that go well beyond vanilla object mappings and shoveling and create value added functionality that make your business uniquely competitive.

POWERFUL Value Added Integrations

There is a lot more to the value added nature of Asset General integrations: As a result of the data and business object abstraction, the integration hub becomes a perfect repository of all your business transactions, data and their interconnected mappings. This presents a unique opportunity that all other major middleware and integration platforms fail to benefit from. The Branded Portal that is part of your integration hub is designed from the ground up to be used to share some select parts of this data in a Customer or Partner specific manner securely through the portal, eliminating the need to share data with your customers insecurely through emails or spreadsheets. At all times, you have control over what is shared and who is it shared with, down to Roles, privileges and named employees of your business partners.

A Decade and a Half Worth of EXPERIENCE

Over our long history of integrations we have amassed a very large pre-built catalog on the Asset General platform. Everything from EDI integrations with top distributors such as Avnet to Cloud integrations with Salesforce and NetSuite and FTP, SMTP and Web Service integrations of all manner and size exists in source form. We can readily customize these base integrations quickly and efficiently to meet your most urgent time-to-market needs.

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